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Welcome to the Gütegemeinschaft Flachglas

The Gütegemeinschaft Mehrscheiben-Isolierglas (GMI) was founded on May 7 1982 for the purpose of the quality assurance and the quality monitoring of insulating glass units (IGU). At the general assembly on April 11 2018 it was then decided to introduce an additional, new quality mark for thermally-toughened safety glass with heat-soak test (TSG-HF) and to rename the Quality Association into Gütegemeinschaft Flachglas (GGF). Every manufacturer of insulated glazing or safety glass, who wants to mark his product, has to follow the quality and testing standards of the GGF.

Jochen Grönegräs, manager of the GGF, shortly summarizes the most important advantages of carriers of the quality labels for MIG or ESG-HF in the video above. By reference to the quality label it is immediately recognizable that the prodcut corresponds to the high quality requirements according to RAL. IGU or TSG-HF marked by the RAL quality label assure planners and building owners that they have purchased a durable quality product - a product that has been put to the acid test and that meets the highest requirements. The consumer receives a unique touchstone in form of the quality label, that offers him the necessary security for his purchase decision and that protects him from unpleasant surprises over the long term. Thus, the manufacturer is able to show the consumer as simply as poissible that: "Our focus is on quality".

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