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Monitoring TSG-HF

In 2018 the new quality label for TSG-HF with external monitoring by external test centers was introduced. Therewith the Bundesverband Flachglas and the Gütegemeinschaft Flachglas want to make sure that it is allowed to use this reliable product with tested seurity tomorrow as well.


The German construction supervision agency had since then defined additional requirements within the Building Rules List concerning the heat soak process of TSG, in order to ensure a striven for security level. The so-called "ESG-H" differs as national particularity from the heat soaked TSG according to EN 14179 essentially in two points: for one thing a longer dwell time with a higher temperature, for another thing an obligatory, external monitoring.


Such national, additional requirements within the Building Rules List has been declared inadmissible with the verdict C-100/13 by the European Court of Justice by October 16 2014. The product "ESG-H" as a national particularity does therefore not exist anymore.


There currently is no consensus among experts whether the increased requirements concerning the dwell time actually reduces the failure probability of the product by spontaneous breakage based on nickel sulphide inclusions. Nevertheless, external monitoring continues to be regarded as an essential precondition for the security level striven for in Germany.


Its necessity is the consequence of parallel regulations within the Exemplary Administrative Regulation Technical Construction Regulations (MVV TB) and the DIN 18008-2, in order to ensure the necessary reduction of the failure probability by nickel sulphide inclusions and therewith the demanded security level for TSG.


We want to create legal certainty for producers as well as users of heat soaked TSG. Therefore we offer a system of external monitoring under the new RAL quality label that fullfills the requirements of the norm and the construction supervision agency.