Tasks and Objectives


The Flat Glass Quality Association

Products displaying the RAL quality label meet the highest quality demands. It is the objective of the Flat Glass Quality Association (Gütegemeinschaft Flachglas, GGF) to warrant quality. The association was founded to assure and monitor the quality of multi-pane insulating glass. Every manufacturer of insulating glass wishing to display the quality label on its products must undertake to comply with the GMI's quality and testing standards.


Requirements to be met by RAL-tested multi-pane insulating glass

The requirements to be met are intentionally high and take into account, among other things, all EN and DIN standards relating to glass materials (see Quality and testing standards for multi-pane insulating glass RAL-GZ-520). 


The RAL quality label for multi-pane insulating glass is awarded each year for a period of one calendar year. If product quality falls below the required standard, the award is withdrawn.


The quality label as a factor for decision-making

The display of the quality label immediately allows the consumer to see that a multi-pane insulating product complies with the high quality demands set by RAL. Multi-pane insulating glass displaying the RAL quality label assures planners and building owners alike that they have purchased a product with a long life-cycle, a product that has been thoroughly tested and fulfils the highest standards.


The quality label is also an unmistakable, easy-to-recognise test marker that provides consumers with the safety required for their decision to purchase and prevents unpleasant surprises in the long-term.


Thus, the manufacturer is able to show the consumer, as simply as possible, that:  "Our focus is quality"

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