Monitoring components

With the Quality and Inspection Regulations RAL-GZ 520 from May 2016 internal as well as external monitoring of the primary products of insulating glass units were introduced and with the edition of September 2021 the content is now more precise and expanded.

This further strengthens the consistent quality chain, since the components of the edge seal of quality-monitored insulating glass units are a subject of quality monitoring as well. For the production of insulating glass units with the RAL quality mark RAL-GZ 520, only those components may be used that are included in the list of quality-monitored components in the current version:

List of Quality Monitored Components





Are you a manufacturer of sealants, spacers or desiccants for insulating glass units and would you like your components to be included in the list of quality-monitored components? Then please contact our headquarters, we will be happy to explain the requirements and the procedure for admission.