Monitoring IGU

In order to use the RAL quality mark for insulating glass units, the insulating glass manufacturer concludes a monitoring contract with a testing and inspection body designated by the GGF, which refers to the Quality and Inspection Regulations for Insulating Glass Units as quality assurance for the RAL-GZ 520. For this purpose, the insulating glass manufacturer must submit and continuously update extensive technical documentation consisting of the system description and the associated type tests.

A difference is made between internal and external monitoring. Both are specified in detail with the quality and inspection regulations. As part of the external monitoring by the commissioned testing and inspection body, it is not only the finished products that are examined. It is also checked whether the manufacturer carries out and documents the internal monitoring (factory production control) properly and whether the supplied products are subjected to the necessary incoming inspections.

Only quality-monitored components (spacers, primary and secondary sealants, desiccants) may be used for the edge seal of the quality-monitored insulating glass. Glass coatings must come from externally supervised manufacturers During the periodic test/inspection of the production, test specimens are produced for a short climate test, which is then carried out in the laboratory of the testing and inspection body. It serves as proof of the durability of the produced insulating glass units.

The periodic tests/inspections and the laboratory tests must be carried out twice a year. With sufficiently positive experiences, a reduction to one test per year is possible. The testing and inspection bodies report to the Gütegemeinschaft Flachglas on the results of their activities. Flawless test results are the prerequisite for continuing the use of the RAL quality mark.